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Sep 15, 2022

This week on The Creator Feed, Renee and Jim explore what MrBeast’s amazing burger store launch in the meadowlands of New Jersey really signifies, talk through the latest round of stories about how “creators are dead - long live the creator”, discuss VidIQ’s acquisition of Tim Schmoyer’s “Video Creators” company and how it’s a big change for the popular analytics platform.  In addition, Jim waxes emphatically about why generative art is such a game changer - and how you can now play along with the open source Stable Diffusion and decide for yourself.  Plus we congratulate Phil Ranta on joining We Are Verified.  All that plus a look at how Snoop Dogg is taking over both the metaverse and the kindergarten too.


MrBeast Burger Launch

Creators are Dead (sort of)

VidIQ Acquires Video Creators

The era of Generative ART is here

We Are Verified Hires Phil Ranta as COO and partners with Brand Army and Mirriad

Oh Snoop

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