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Mar 31, 2023

This week’s episode of the Creator Feed covers various topics related to technology and social media platforms. Hosts Renee Teeley and Jim Louderback start by discussing the open letter from some of the most influential tech leaders that calls for a pause on the training of AI systems. Next they explore whether YouTube subscriber counts are still valuable due to the unintended consequences of Shorts, and how creators struggle to evaluate their reach, impact, and community. They continue by exploring Spotify’s partnership with Creative Juice to expand its video podcasting, and Epic Games’ launch of "Creator Economy 2.0" for Fortnite creators, promising to share 40% of net revenue generated via new "island" experiences - and weave in Roblox’ with new AI tools to make it easier for anyone to be a creator.  This sets the stage for a battle between the two metaverse giants. Lastly, the podcast covers how Marc D'Amelio wants to buy TikTok, following Elon Musk's purchase of Twitter.




Tech Leaders Calling for a Pause on Training AI systems

YouTube Subscribers Now a Vanity Metric


Spotify Partners With Creative Juice To Expand Its Video Podcasts Programming

EPIC Changes the Game for Creators

First Elon bought Twitter. Now Marc D'Amelio wants to buy TikTok.

Creator Feed Hosts LIVE - Where to Find Us

Jim - International Journalism Festival - April 21-24 Perugia Italy