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Apr 28, 2023

In this episode of The Creator Feed, hosts Jim Louderback and Renee Teeley cover highlights from The Information’s Creator Economy Summit, including TikTok's approach to e-commerce and live shopping. They also discuss YouTube's new Product Drops feature, AI-generated content, and vidIQ's new AI content generator for YouTube. Additionally, they explore YouTube’s insight on how Shorts content really works from a session at the International Journalism Festival.  Also they touch on Instagram's new feature allowing up to five links in a user's bio and whether it spells the end for Linktree. The episode ends with a discussion on the future of AI-generated content and whether it should be embraced or legislated against.




VidIQ Content Generator


Shorts Updates from IJF and Beyond

YouTube’s New Product Drop Feature


Instagram Now Allows 5 Link in Bio

The Future of AI Content

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