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Combat Story

Apr 30, 2022

Today we hear a very different Combat Story from Sergey Dyadkin, a Ukrainian patriot, Special Forces and Territorial Defense Force soldier fighting in Ukraine against Russia today. 
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Apr 23, 2022

Today we hear an international Combat Story from Ray Klaassens, a Dutch Special Operator in the Commando Corps (KCT) and former Dutch General Intelligence Service (or AIVD) officer who spent years in combat zones fighting our very same enemies alongside American counterparts.
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Apr 20, 2022

Today we hear an incredible Combat Story of Mike Sarraille, former Marine Recon and a SEAL Team leader who served 20 years in the special operations community, earning a Silver Star, multiple Bronze Stars with Valor, and more. He was also part of the Naval Special Warfare Development Group (or DEVGRU).
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Apr 9, 2022

Today we hear the Combat Story of Travis Norby, who commanded a mechanized infantry company in Iraq early in the war.  
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Travis is a long-time Combat Story listener who reached out to see if his non-special...

Apr 2, 2022

Today we hear the Combat Story of Patrick Kinsella and his five deployments with 1st Ranger Battalion to Iraq and Afghanistan.
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Not only do we get to hear of Patrick’s first hand combat experience, which includes...