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Combat Story

Jun 26, 2021

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Today we hear the combat story of Bob Keller, a retired Special Missions Unit (Delta Force) operator who spent his entire military career in the Special Operations community. Bob began his career as a U.S. Army Ranger and Special Forces Green Beret before transitioning to the Unit.
Bob spent several years as a professional golfer before finding his calling as a soldier.

As an operator, he was in more than 400 engagements and 1,000 missions in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other undisclosed locations.
After retiring, Bob founded Gamut Resolutions, a tactical and practical shooting program that uses the Ready-Up training methodology to help students survive any situation. He also oversees a charity that provides elite shooting courses to police, for free.

In this episode, Bob provides fascinating insight into the confidence, training, and experiences of a Tier 1 operator. I hope you enjoy this Combat Story as much as I did.

Find Bob online:

Instagram - @kellergamutresolutions
Facebook - GamutResolutions
Website -

Show Notes

0:00 - Intro
1:02 - Guest Introduction and Bio
2:00 - Interview Begins
4:50 - Relearning how to shoot after years of advanced and elite training
7:06 - Gamut Resolutions and the training classes that Bob references throughout the interview
10:45 - Where did your competitive nature come from?
12:01 - Life as a professional golfer.
13:43 - The decision to move into the military.
18:01 - “That was my passion.”
18:26 - Why was a Guard Special Forces unit so special?
21:49 - Combat Story #1: Running to gun fire. “Getting shot at isn’t scary, it’s exciting.”
25:01 - Everyone at the Unit is like this…
25:36 - “You can’t train liking to get shot at.”
32:17 - What would other operators say was your biggest strength?
38:40 - Combat Story #2: On the Ladder. This story is fantastic.
45:30 - The first time I realized “I could actually die.”
59:12 - Combat Story #3: Complacency and grenades.
1:03:44 - Combat Story #4: Shooting between your legs.
1:08:29 - Advice to a new soldier: “Don’t ever say I quit.”
1:10:37 - Advice to those who didn’t serve but still want to give back. Special Operations Care - Fund ( and the Gamut Initiative (this is Bob’s charity organization which will be online again shortly).
1:15:04 - Gamut Resolutions and what’s coming with more CQB and fellow Tier 1 guest coaches. Also, Range Werx is a range shooting facility in Florida (find more at and
1:17:08 - What did you carry with you into combat each time?
1:18:27 - Would you do it all again? A bit of a surprise.
1:20:22 - How important your spouse and family are to your success.
1:22:09 - Golf. Then and now.
1:23:56 - How to share your own story.