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Shelfdust Presents: The Fifty Best #1 Issues

Jan 1, 2023

This week it’s time to bring in the A-Listers, as we look at the issue which reached 34th place: JLA #1 by Grant Morrison, Howard Porter, John Dell, Pat Garrahy and Ken Lopez.

That creative team played into every dream about each character and let them all feel powerful or inspiring in their own way, rather than trying to beat them down or offer some kind of subversive take. Batman was the smartest man in the world; Superman the most considerate; Wonder Woman was powerful and sharp ; Green Lantern was the everyman. And in the first issue? A new team suddenly appeared as well… apparently a step forward, if a little shady. It gave the creators a chance to show just why people should care about the JLA again. This week Matt is joined by special guest Graeme McMillan to talk all about it!

Please note this podcast was recorded in 2020, and Grant Morrison's pronouns are they/them.


Graeme McMillan is a writer for the Hollywood ReporterWired and Playboy, as well as being one half of the Wait, What? podcast. He can be found on twitter here.

Matt Lune is a critic and podcaster who has written for publications including PanelXPanel, The MNT and Multiversity. You can find him on Twitter here!