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Candle Business Coach

Feb 6, 2023

Are you feeling uninspired and lacking creativity in your candle business? It happens to all of us. So let's talk about it.





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Feb 2, 2023

Lunch Lady Lou joins me on the podcast to discuss kitchen and business confidence.


In this episode we chat about:
- Why recipes are overrated.
- How growing confidence in the kitchen helps nurture confidence in business and life.
- Why setting the foundation of your business (and kitchen) sets you up for...

Jan 30, 2023

Today I'm talking about something that affects most women throughout their lives - Imposter syndrome. In this episode I share my personal experiences, ways to recognise and overcome Imposter syndrome, and I even mention a special goal of mine that will come to fruition soon.





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Jan 26, 2023

Beautiful and gentle soul Dasha joins me on the show today to talk through intuition, mindset and self-power.


In this episode we chat about:
- How having love for yourself impacts your beliefs around your life and your business.
- Celebrating every action and success you experience.
- Knowing you are worthy because...

Jan 23, 2023

Have you been wondering how you can work with me or how I can best serve you? In this episode I'm talking through my services (both free and paid) as I know that there is at least a few ways I can help you on your candle making journey.





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