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Scouting Australia Podcast

Feb 26, 2023

Sammy Gordon & Jimmy Ibrahim are back! Recording live from the bullkshark's podcast studio to set the record straight on 'What is Equity?!'
We are constantly asked questions around this topic... How do you use it? How does it work? Does it increase / decrease serviceability? No one really seems to understand it...
Equity is a powerful tool to property investors in the right hands and used correctly. This episode is packed with all the necassary bits of information to help you with this term (and how to use it effectively) to ensure you become the investor making well informed decisions. 
If you ever hear anyone say "how does equity work", this is the episode to send them! 
Topic Discussion: Equity Explained
Jimmy's great point - [2:50]
What is equity - [3:50] 
Loan to value ratio - [4:35]
- stretching your capacity
Recycling your equity release - [7:50]
- the Rewind!
Servicing Equity - [10:20]
Balancing portfolio - [12:20]
Does equity release increase or decrease your servicability - [ 13:09]
- what debt's involved
- the cost of doing business
The advantages & disadvantages of using equity - [15:20]
- how to utilise your capital and risk profile
- the reality on using your time wisely
Jimmy's portfolio story with banking - [20:00]
- what are you doing with your cash
Here's a BONZA, The crazy leverage - [23:50]
We nail the disadavntage on using equity - [25:08]
- what you shouldn't do with your equity
- the old ad
Should you use all your equity - [30:00]
 - why would you wait?
 - offset accounts
 - assess the Market
 - assess your portfolio
Sammy's final verdict - [36:00]

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