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Protecting Your Radius Podcast

Oct 30, 2023

Oct 26, 2023

Nathan and Donnie breakdown some quick thoughts on Work Orders/Job Cards... what are they? How do they work?  Do YOURS actually work 100% of the time?  Apparently ours don't.  Who's to blame?  Why can't we have decade old processes that everyone just cruises through?  Why does being a start-up have to be so darn...

Oct 23, 2023

Oct 19, 2023

We start talking about wrapping the wood posts with the different protection barriers being offered on the market today.  We end talking about water.  Who knows.  Have fun, see our show info at today.

Our partner for Downtime with Donnie is OZARK WIREWORKS! Ozark WireWorks is built for...

Oct 16, 2023