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Uncontested Investing

Feb 27, 2024

Over the last 2 years, Uncontested Investing has been hosted by Tim Herriage – a seasoned real estate investment expert dedicated to empowering everyday investors. Tim has brought a lot of value to real estate investors all around the country by inviting guests, talking about news and trends, and introducing opportunities for investors to grow and further diversify their businesses and income streams. 


This year, however, Tim has decided to pursue opportunities outside the podcast and in this episode, we’re introducing Uncontested Investing’s new host, Nate Zielinski.


Listen now to learn more about the reasons behind these changes, who the new host will be, and what you can expect from the podcast moving forward!


Key Talking Points of the Episode


00:00 Introduction

01:27 What is the purpose behind Uncontested Investing?

02:23 What will Tim be focused on in 2024?

04:16 What did Tim focus on in the last 2 years?

07:31 Why did Tim decide to move out of hosting the podcast?

09:33 What is next for Uncontested Investing?

10:25 Who will be hosting Uncontested Investing moving forward?

12:30 Who is Nate Zielinski?

16:09 How did Nate approach the idea of hosting Uncontested Investing?

18:26 How are people adjusting to the market today?

21:38 Why is it important for investors to learn to adapt to the market?

24:52 What is Tim’s favorite part of real estate investing?

27:55 Why is it important for investors to stay focused on your ‘why’?

32:08 What is the biggest lesson Tim learned from RCN Capital?

37:10 What is Tim’s advice for new entrepreneurs today?




“The time to act is always now in real estate.”


“There’s so many different layers to real estate investing that I think people need to understand, definitely educate themselves on, before they jump into it.”


“You must respect what they’ve done, appreciate the effort they’ve put in, and find a collaborative way to challenge the status quo – and it’s difficult.”


“Stay focused and committed to your vision because your vision is what’s special.”




Book: Who Moved My Cheese?


Website: RCN Capital 


Website: REI INK