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Uncontested Investing

Mar 28, 2023

Paul Wakim is a real estate photographer and investor, and the CEO and co-founder of TwnSqr, a real estate tech company that helps investors find their sellers and buyers in an off-market marketplace. Today, Paul lives a very nomadic lifestyle with his wife, traveling around the country while running their businesses fully remote. 


Listen to this episode to learn more about Paul, how TwnSqr is innovating the real estate investing space, and what lessons he has learned through the years!


Key Talking Points of the Episode


00:00 Introduction

00:40 How did Paul build his lifestyle today?

02:52 What is TwnSqr? 

04:13 What does Paul think people should be focused on today?

06:06 What is Paul’s background?

07:47 How did coding lead to some of Paul’s proudest achievements in real estate?

09:36 How did Paul get into real estate?

12:11 What led Paul and his partner to build TwnSqr?

14:43 What are the struggles in TwnSqr today?

16:25 How many properties are in TwnSqr today?

17:37 What makes TwnSqr different from other similar platforms?

20:01 What kind of properties are people putting on TwnSqr?

22:00 What do you pay for when you use TwnSqr?

23:19 What is Paul hearing about today’s market conditions?

26:00 What is Paul’s advice to young investors today?

30:47 What is the biggest objection Paul received about TwnSqr?

32:39 How does TwnSqr help make the buyer experience more convenient?

35:11 What does the roadmap of TwnSqr look like?

36:00 What is the exit for TwnSqr?

37:03 How big is the TwnSqr team today?




“At the time, I was like, okay a drone is cool and there’s some really interesting stuff going on there, but I didn’t really grasp what it meant to have technology under your control and coding taught me that.”


“We went back to the world of wholesaling real estate investors because as people in technology or in start ups, we’re looking for the place where we can really innovate.”


“The key difference between any other platform and what you can do on TwnSqr is any asset that you upload to TwnSqr, you have complete control over who has access to it and how that’s used.”


“The main customer that we’re monetizing right now are the wholesalers, the real estate investors who are posting the properties and who want to take advantage of our tools, but you don’t have to.”




Website: RCN Capital


Website: REI INK