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Uncontested Investing

May 16, 2023

Chas Carrier is a real estate entrepreneur with decades of experience in the business under his belt. Through the years, he has built a successful real estate investing business and a portfolio with thousands of properties, and he is with us today to tell us how he was able to do that.

Listen now to learn more about Chas, his journey in real estate, and how you can grow your business and portfolio the way he did!


Key Talking Points of the Episode


00:00 Introduction

00:37 Who is Chas Carrier?

01:28 What is Chas’ advice on business and real estate?

03:28 Why did Chas decide to start with a HomeVestors franchise?

05:19 How did being focused help Chas be comfortable with taking action?

07:36 What is the importance of having a strong team in building your portfolio?

08:16 How can you balance the need for information and control?

09:06 What kind of strategies did Chas use to build his 2000+ property portfolio?

10:22 Why do most entrepreneurs struggle with systems?

11:00 How is today’s market different from the market in 2008?

14:58 What is the problem when you’re looking at the economy month after month?

15:46 What changed for Chas’ business in the last year?

19:40 What is Chas’ advice in structuring and financing a business?

23:37 What can investors do today to raise private money?

26:53 How can new investors get into the business in this economy?

28:16 What are investors doing wrong today?

30:10 What kind of personality would work best in a franchise system?

33:52 How does Chas manage his team?

36:36 What is it like to transition from the corporate world to entrepreneurship?

38:20 What is the difference between management and leadership?

40:31 What is Chas’ advice to young entrepreneurs today?
45:55 What motivates Chas to keep going?

44:29 What is next for Chas and his business?

45:41 What’s the dumbest house Chas bought?

46:47 What’s the best house Chas bought?

48:50 How can people connect with Chas?




“The best thing was to build a team from the very beginning and then again to leverage the system that I had become a part of and learn from that.”


“Every time credit tightens, you can be pretty sure that prices are going to adjust.”


“Whenever rates go up, prices go down.”


“I think probably that's one of the biggest problems a pure entrepreneur has is management”




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Website: REI INK 


Website: C&C Residential Properties