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Uncontested Investing

Dec 13, 2022

Being in the army is a patriotic duty that gives you overflowing pride, but time will come and you need to move on from the service. Going into real estate is one of the best investments a veteran can do, given its wide variety of assets and available opportunities. Many retired soldiers only don't know about it because they're not exposed to it. Our guest made it his mission to educate and expose the power of real estate investing to his fellow veterans and how to grow steady revenue with it.


Join Tim Herriage as he talks to the CEO of Marching Time Capital and real estate soldier, Naaman Taylor. Listen to his journey from serving in the United States Army to getting into the real estate industry. Discover how he grew his wealth by learning wholesaling, fixing and flipping, and more. Learn why education and community are important in this career, especially for up-and-coming real estate investors.

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