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Uncontested Investing

Dec 27, 2022

Fouad Bazzi is the owner of Crescent Retreats in Huntington Beach, CA, and Scottsdale, AZ. His luxury short-term rentals are crushing the markets today and he is on the show to give us a little insight into how he was able to make it happen in less than a year. 

Watch now to learn more about Fouad, his luxury brand, and the process that led him to where he is today!

Key Talking Points of the Episode

[00:00] Introduction

[00:40] Who is Fouad Bazzi?

[02:03] What does Fouad look at when evaluating deals?

[03:51] How did Fouad establish the luxury standard for his rentals?

[06:15] How did Fouad get into short-term rentals?

[08:50] How does Fouad’s philosophy help him succeed?

[09:35] What made Fouad expand into Scottsdale?

[11:20] How will the Superbowl impact Fouad’s business in Scottsdale?

[14:10] How does Fouad track and manage all his rental properties?

[17:06] How does Fouad manage customer communication?

[19:01] What is guiding Fouad in running Crescent Retreats?

[21:40] What market is next for Fouad?

[22:48] How does Fouad handle liability for his rentals?

[23:49] How much time does Fouad have to spend in his rental properties?

[25:09] How do interest rates affect short-term rentals?

[27:09] What does Fouad’s agreement with his investors look like?

[31:10] What does Fouad have to say to aspiring investors?

[33:03] What is the importance of taking uncomfortable action for your success?

[36:31] How do masterminds help business owners stay accountable?

[39:44] What part of the business makes Fouad want to give up?

[40:40] Why is balance important in building your financial future?

[42:15] What part of the business keeps Fouad going?

[43:39] How can you connect with Fouad?


“I’ve been around long enough to know that nothing is sustainable if not everybody around you is happy.”

“I stay true to my core values – health, love, peace, time, and travel.”

“You gotta stay true to your core, you gotta know exactly what you want and what drives you, and then it’s authentic.”

“When you really push past what you’re capable of and you take uncomfortable actions, the sky’s the limit.”

“When you’re getting started as an entrepreneur, is occupying as many quadrants as you can at the same time because then, you’re less at risk of failure.”


Website: RCN Capital

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Instagram: Crescent Retreats

Instagram: Fouad Bazzi


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