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Uncontested Investing

Mar 26, 2024

Tarik Turner is the President of Ei8ht Street Funding, a mortgage company that lends for investment properties. He is a real estate investor, author, and former radio show host, and he is on Uncontested Investing today to talk about how his experience in radio prepared him for real estate and how he found his way into real estate investing, which eventually got him to where he is today. 


Listen to this episode to learn more about Tarik, his journey into real estate investing, and the impact of consistency to your success in real estate! 


Key Talking Points of the Episode


00:00 Introduction

01:38 What is Tarik’s background?

03:12 What did Tarik learn from being on the radio for years?

04:50 How did Tarik’s family background influence his decision to get into real estate?

08:22 What is Tarik’s take on going to college vs. getting into the workforce?

11:19 What does failure really mean?

14:23 What was Tarik’s journey into the mortgage industry like?

16:32 What does it take to grow into owning a mortgage company from brokering loans?

18:49 What books had a huge impact on Tarik’s life?

20:52 What is Tarik passionate about?

23:05 What is Tarik’s advice to real estate investors today?

25:19 How does your perspective impact your success in real estate?

27:00 What are the challenges Tarik is seeing in the New York market today?

30:09 How can people overcome their doubts about real estate?

35:38 What is the easiest way to break a deal?

38:33 Why is it important to always do things the right way?

42:02 What is next for Tarik?

44:41 How can you get in touch with Tarik and his team?




“I think that the one thing that I learned from radio is that nothing really clicks unless you’re consistent.”


“I think you need to do as much failing as possible at an early age so you know what it is that you want and you know what it is that you don’t want.”


“You might have clients with great deals but you and the client aren’t necessarily a great fit.”



Website: Ei8ht Street Funding


Instagram: Ei8ht Street Funding


Book: BE 2.0


Website: RCN Capital 


Instagram: RCN Capital


Website: REI INK