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The Supporting Cast

Oct 18, 2023

(Headphone/earbud listeners- explosions, gunfire and other sudden sharp sounds beginning at 8:17 through 10:40)

Meet Kirby Fanning, ultimate superhero fangirl. Molly, mermaid dance major and recent surface exchange student. Jimmy Bromfield, curator of the Whiz Museum. Cassius "Cash" Cash, former world's richest boy and...

Oct 1, 2023

Coming soon! Six young people share fun and friendship in the big city. And one of them is a superhero!

Laurin Skarr as Kirby
Chrisi Talyn Saje as Bailey
Kayce Swan as Cash
Marnie Warner as Molly
Logan Smith as Jimmy
and Patrick Duke as Brandon (and the Announcer)

"Newsreel" by Max Surla