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The Children's Book Podcast

Jul 27, 2023

Andrea Wang shares Luli and the Language of Tea, a story that reminds us that when you're looking to communicate with people, you look for a common bond. 

BOOK DESCRIPTION: Luli and the Language of Tea by Andrea Wang; illustrated by Hyewon Yum


Though they may speak different languages, kids from all over the world...

Jul 20, 2023

Tiffany Jewell shares The Antiracist Kid, a book that teaches young children the words, language, and methods to recognize racism and injustice--and what to do when they encounter it at home, at school, and in the media they watch, play, and read.

BOOK DESCRIPTION: The Antiracist Kid: A Book about Identity, Justice,...

Jul 13, 2023

Tameka Fryer Brown shares That Flag, an affecting picture book that challenges the meaning behind the still-waving Confederate flag through the friendship of two young girls who live across the street from each other.

BOOK DESCRIPTION: That Flag by Tameka Fryer Brown; illustrated by Nikkolas Smith


An affecting...

Jul 4, 2023

Jenny Kay Dupuis shares Heart Berry Bling, a story incorporating the tradition of Anishinaabe beadwork, strawberry teachings, and gender discrimination in the Indian Act into an intimate conversation between grandparent and child.

BOOK DESCRIPTION: Heart Berry Bling by Jenny Kay Dupuis; illustrated by Eva Campbell.