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Challenge Accepted

Mar 16, 2023

Hey all! In this episode of Challenge Accepted, we review The Mandalorian's third season, episode three, titled "The Convert." The episode focuses on the perils on Coruscant and bookends with action on the Outer Rim, which will have far-reaching consequences. Din Djarin and Bo-Katan find themselves outmanned and outgunned when TIE Interceptors attack them. They take care of the attackers in an intense dogfight but witness their castle being taken out by bombers, leaving Bo-Katan homeless. They flee and head back to the remote planet that is now the hideout for Din's covert. Meanwhile, Dr. Pershing, who has a specialist in cloning technology and once worked closely with Moff Gideon, leads a quieter existence in the straight world. He expresses sincere gratitude for being able to join the New Republic's Amnesty Program and for earning a shot at redemption. He wants to use his abilities to help the New Republic, and while it's easy to be suspicious of his motives, the episode confirms his sincerity. When he finds a whole case of yellow travel biscuits, he craves them on his doorstep, which seems kind of ominous. Who wants him to look back when he should be looking forward? Join us as we delve deeper into this exciting episode of The Mandalorian.