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May 24, 2023

On this episode of Say Goodbye and Imagine!, we dive into the world of naturopathic medicine and understand how these doctors tailor their approach to each patient's unique symptoms and issues. We explore how stress can cause disease, while discussing alcohol consumption and liver health.  We, of course, learn about the benefits of being alcohol-free and the negative effects drinking can have on our overall health and we get to understand the blended approach that naturopathic doctors take to treat their patients, with a focus on finding tailored solutions for each individual.

1. What does a comprehensive consultation with a doctor entail?- A comprehensive consultation includes questions about sleep, stress level, diet, and bowel movements, tailored based on each patient's unique symptoms

2. How important is it to examine the root cause of medical or lifestyle issues?- It is crucial to understand the root cause of medical or lifestyle issues in order to provide effective treatment or lifestyle changes.

3.  How can stress be a contributing factor to high blood pressure?- Stress can cause high blood pressure, and it's important to understand the source of the stress to prevent or treat high blood pressure.

4. What is CRP, and how is it used in lab work?- CRP is a marker for inflammation that doctors look at during lab work, along with cortisol and other hormones, to determine the root cause of medical or lifestyle issues.

5.  How can asking about alcohol consumption make someone uncomfortable, and what is a better approach?- Asking someone directly if they drink alcohol can make them uncomfortable, and a better approach is to inquire about what type of drink they usually have and how much of it they consume.
6.  What are the potential causes of elevated liver enzyme levels in lab work?- Elevated liver enzyme levels in lab work can indicate alcohol consumption, but other factors such as infections or certain juices with herbs can also cause elevated levels.
7.  What are some negative effects of alcohol consumption on health?- Alcohol consumption can lead to high blood pressure, affect eating habits, cause brain fog, inflammation in the stomach, and other negative effects on the liver, potentially leading to cirrhosis.
8.  What is naturopathic medicine, and how does it differ from traditional medicine?- Naturopathic medicine blends conventional medicine with other tools such as acupuncture, herbs, hydrotherapy, and homeopathy, focusing on finding tailored solutions for each patient and considering the body as more complicated than just surgery or medication.
9.  What are some common issues that patients seek naturopathic doctors for?- Patients seek naturopathic doctors for hormonal issues such as low energy, weight gain, hair loss, menstrual cycle issues, PMS, night sweats, menopause issues, low libido, or sleep problems.

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