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Hold Fast to What is Good

Aug 31, 2023

John Shepard drops by with a handful of Good Books.  He has one roughly for each year, going back to 2009.  It's a habit that's become meaningful--to record what's been good in each day.  We talk about that and lots more!

Jul 21, 2023

At New Life, Vicars are interns and in just a few weeks we welcome our 5th Vicar:  Lindsay Fertig-Johnson.  We get to learn her preferred ink color, her dog's full name, a sport she came close to dominating and how lucky we are that she'll be at New Life for a whole year.  

Jul 6, 2023

Leonard Bovyn stops in after a big morning at VBS to talk about attending a prayer vigil.  Three people were murdered in Bolingbrook in March of this year and when a prayer vigil was held for the family, Leonard showed up.  

We talk about that, plus Star Wars, condiments, Switch Games, and one last easy and hard...

May 11, 2023

Joe Giganti stops by church and joins the podcast.  It was a logistically bumpy road to the altar for he and his wife Daryl, and the stories are funny--now.  He shares those and we also learn why he's never run out of gas.  Not once. Not even close.  

May 5, 2023

Lynn Zalon shares a love story, which has pieces in it we can all relate to.  What in the world would we do without love and how it gives us second, third and fourth chances? Oh, and Lynn was in a food fight.