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Peter Schutes Radio

Aug 30, 2023

Jack "Snake" Elgin is a savvy businessman with a monster of a problem. He finds the solution in the bathhouses of the San Fernando Valley. When he catches employees at his automobile lube shop having an orgy, he decides to teach them a valuable lesson.

Aug 23, 2023

Jeffrey has a morbid fear of flying. A chance encounter with one of his porn heroes, the French-Canadian Ashe D'Estende, leads to the best sex of his life. The tiny bathroom can hardly contain the massive superstar and his appendage. There's really only one way that Jeffrey can fit in there with him! The mind-blowing...

Aug 16, 2023

Meet Taryn Rearden, a man with a colossal endowment and a passion for watching the bodybuilders of Venice Beach. We discovered an error in Peter's tale - in the middle, he dropped the third-person narration (he lowered his pants) and inadvertently used the first-person (I lowered my pants).  This quasi-Freudian slip...