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Re-Imagined Radio

Dec 21, 2022

Our first live performance since 2020!  Re-Imagined Radio presents The Willamette Radio Workshop, Portland, OR, performing their radio adaptation of the classic story by Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol.

Re-Imagined Radio first offered "A Radio Christmas Carol" in 2013. Every year since we've offered some iteration of...

Dec 19, 2022

Re-Imagined Radio samples radio holiday programs, including "Red Ryder Nails The Cleveland Kid" from the Jean Shepherd Show, 24 Dec. 1970, "Back for Christmas" from Suspense, 23 Dec. 1943, starring Peter Lorre and "Britt Ponset's Christmas Story" from The Six Shooter, 20 Dec. 1953, starring Jimmy Stewart. The latter...

Dec 20, 2021

Re-Imagined Radio presents "A Radio Christmas Sampler" featuring selections from Christmas episodes of Suspense, Rocky Fortune, The Damon Runyon Theatre, The Jack Benny Program, Bing Crosby and The Kraft Music Hall, Vic and Sade, and the 2020 recorded performance of "A Radio Christmas Carol" by Metropolitan Performing...

Dec 24, 2020

Our community holiday tradition continues. Re-Imagined Radio presents a 2-hour performance by Metropolitan Performing Arts actors and other community volunteers. We adapt A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens for radio, with a bundle of carols and holiday songs. See our website for more information,

Dec 20, 2018

Our community holiday tradition continues as Re-Imagined Radio presents a live performance by Metropolitan Performing Arts actors and other community volunteers at Kiggins Theatre in downtown Vancouver, Washington. See our website for more information,