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Pass the Mic: Creating a Stage for Change

This podcast is a part of the Tennessee Theatre’s Pass the Mic: Creating a Stage for Change series, providing an opportunity for artists from marginalized and underserved communities to share their art with others. Through podcast episodes, concerts/performances, visual art displays, discussions and panels focusing on important issues, and educational opportunities, artists have the chance to engage with the community. The Tennessee Theatre is proud to provide a space for audiences and artists to better understand one another.

Oct 25, 2023

For this episode of “Pass the Mic: Creating a Stage for Change,” we sat down with Tiffany Provenzano and Ahsaki LaFrance-Chachere, two music industry professionals involved with Nashville-based mTheory’s Equal Access Development Program. This 12-month program is designed to provide access and training for underrepresented voices in the country music industry by extending funding, training, and access to industry leaders and other resources for both artists and managers in the industry . In this conversation, Tiffany and Ahsaki provide perspectives from two different sides of the program, with Tiffany serving as the Director of the Equal Access Development Program and Ahsaki participating as a management professional in the 2023 cohort, made up of three artists and three management professionals. Tiffany and Ahsaki also discuss the program’s impact and the importance of addressing equity issues in the music industry. Tiffany describes the importance of using her privilege to be an effective ally to professionals in the arts who have historically experienced marginalization, and Ahsaki describes how her identity as a Black and Native American woman allows her to represent and uplift diverse voices in the world of country music.