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Pass the Mic: Creating a Stage for Change

This podcast is a part of the Tennessee Theatre’s Pass the Mic: Creating a Stage for Change series, providing an opportunity for artists from marginalized and underserved communities to share their art with others. Through podcast episodes, concerts/performances, visual art displays, discussions and panels focusing on important issues, and educational opportunities, artists have the chance to engage with the community. The Tennessee Theatre is proud to provide a space for audiences and artists to better understand one another.

Nov 8, 2023

For this episode of “Pass the Mic”, we sat down with Nashville-based hip hop artist Brian Brown. Brian discussed his eclectic musical upbringing, and ways that his early musical influences have shaped his current sound. He also describes his realities of being a working musician in Nashville, and the ongoing pursuit of balance and self-care. Brian also points out the hypocrisy of Black hip-hop artists being held to a high standard, while mainstream white artists are celebrated even while promoting music that is sexually immature and simplistic. In this conversation, Brian hit on important realities of racial disparities in the music industry along with the overall impact of gentrification in Nashville.

We'd like to thank Black Atticus for providing music for this episode. We'd also like to congratulate Black Atticus for becoming the Fourth Poet Laureate of Knoxville. 

Song Credits: 

Galactic Chill, Black Atticus
Deed in Thought, Black Atticus
Brown Bag, Black Atticus
Simply Here, Black Atticus