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The Vegas Vice Podcast

Nov 13, 2023

Listen to Episode 7 of The Vegas Vice podcast to hear Zach and Elliot share some of their most recent thoughts and feelings about Las Vegas.



Oct 25, 2023

Listen to episode 6 of The Vegas Vice Podcast to hear Elliot talk with Zach about his most recent casino trip to Harrahs Lake Tahoe. 


Elliot - @TheVegasVice

Zach - @ZDeGrote7 

Oct 9, 2023

Checkout Episode 5 of The Vegas Vice podcast to listen to Elliot, Zach, and Geoff talk about some recent Vegas content as well as hear the guys talk about stuff that they think is overrated in Las Vegas.

Elliot - @TheVegasVice 

Zach - @ZDeGrote7

Geoff - @StripWalking

Sep 25, 2023

Episode 4 of The Vegas Vice Podcast is here ! On this Episode you will hear Zach and Elliot recap Elliot's most recent Vegas trip as well as hear some thoughts on the current Las Vegas cyber attack situation. 

Sep 11, 2023

Listen in to Episode 3 of The Vegas Vice Podcast to hear Zach, Elliot, and Geoff talk about the most recent Vegas trip and the day they spent gambling together as well as a crazy rain storm that hit the Vegas strip !