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Jun 22, 2016

Episode 4: Homeopathy in Japan

The Present, an interview with Torako Yui

As a bridge out of the homeoprophylaxis theme, Torako Yui shares her extraordinary journey to, and with, homeopathy. I was introduced to Torako through my interview with Kate Birch. Torako has been very active with homeoprophylaxis and offering Hp kits to families in Japan. But her work reaches far and wide. Recognizing the blocks to health in diet and lifestyle, Torako has started organic farms as well as developed organic body care products. 

The Past, 1931

The Management of the Chronic Case and Removal of Obstacles to Recovery: a paper presented by Eugene Underhill at the Bureau of Homeopathic Philosophy, June 1931

I read the words of E. Underhill, describing the necessary task of removing obstacles from cure so that our patients *may* truly be cured. 

The Future, Mosquitoes as vectors of viruses

Thinking about the theme of Japan, I looked up Japanese Encephalitis to get a bit more acquainted with the disease. I followed my questions of connections and diversions with the current outbreaks of Zika virus (different mosquito), the Culex mosquito, proving, and malaria. 



Torako's website (beautiful!)

Torako article,

Torako article,

Lou Klein's Zhomeo (webinars)