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Rock Under Fire

Jun 29, 2023

Welcome to the Beehive!  It's the 100th and final episode ever of the Rock Under Fire podcast.  It's all about hot takes as Mike Derrico is joined by Marisa Baldassaro, Heather Drain and Michael Lee Nirenberg in over two hours of too many topics to list.  But we'll try...let's see...there's random takes on Chuck Berry,...

Jun 27, 2023

When you get to share a personal story with an author about one of his works 41 years later.  Some Rock Under Fire moments are worth their own bite-size episode.  From Mike's 2020 interview with Creem Magazine managing editor and author of Loudmouth, Robert Duncan.  

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Jun 19, 2023

The conversation is all over the map in Episode 98 as Mike is joined by his cousin Paul to discuss vinyl records, jazz, lip-synching, live bands playing to tracks, Kiss, and Mike's highly-detailed take on John Lennon's murder. Paul Sisolak is a content editor and freelance writer specializing in personal finance,...