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Dear White Women

Jun 2, 2021

We’re here, just over one year after the murder of George Floyd, with a question: now that we’ve spent a year in discussions centered on being more open about racism, systemic racism, and how we can be more anti-racist, what have we actually done about it?  How do we feel?  Where do we go from here, and more importantly - where should we collectively be moving as a country?

Today’s episode is a conversation - a reflection of what we’ve experienced last year collectively and personally, and most importantly, an introduction to our summer of action.  Let’s move past “muted and listening” and onto action, because that’s how we’re actually going to make change, together.

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What to listen for:

  • The biggest shifts that Misasha & Sara have seen, both personally, and as a collective in our culture, in the one year since George Floyd was murdered
  • Why we need to move beyond “muted and listening,” and into concrete action
  • Introducing our summer of action series of episodes designed to push you to take steps to move the needle on anti-racism, in your own spheres of influence
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