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Dear White Women

Jan 3, 2023

Welcome to Episode 200 of our podcast, and welcome to 2023! Akemashite omedetou gozaimasu! (Happy New Year!)

In our first episode of this new year, we want to reintroduce ourselves, give you a run of where we’ve been with our platform, and make sure you have an overview of what you can expect from us this coming year. As we’re heading into yet another major election in 2024, if we want to build a community and country that actually looks out for ALL of us, there are things and people we need to know about so we can do things differently - and take action intentionally and consistently.

What to listen for: 

  • Who we are (Sara & Misasha), how we met (walking out of a racial identity conversation as undergrads at Harvard 25+ years ago), and why we have this platform (women have SO MUCH POWER to influence change, and White women, in particular, have voices that can be heard where other voices cannot) 
  • The incredible success we have had, including a quarter of a million podcast downloads, thousands of copies of our book being sold, and being hired to speak at many organizations
  • What we have planned for 2023 - including civics, SCOTUS cases, and all we think we need to do in, with, and for our communities to be ready for the 2024 elections