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Dear White Women

Jan 1, 2020

Sara and Misasha take a break from the election issues to bring you a little 2020 vision to welcome in the new year and the new decade!

Listen in as they chat about how they envision the coming year and decade will be!

In appreciation for your support of the podcast, Sara and Misasha have a gift for you!

It’s a Spotify Playlist, “DWW Podcast Best of 2019” Please enjoy it!

Show Highlights:

  • Sara and Misasha share their personal visions for the next decade.
  • Misasha’s word for 2020 is “power” and describes what that means to her.
  • Sara’s words for 2020 are “being present” and explains how that is relevant to her.
  • Sara and Misasha discuss three things they want to learn or do, or create in 2020.
  • Have you considered YOUR personal visions for the next decade? Have you pondered your word for the coming year? Have you envisioned what new things you might want to accomplish in 2020?
  • Happy New Year!!!

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Spotify Playlist: DWW Podcast Best of 2019