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Dear White Women

Jan 15, 2020

Particularly relevant now that we’re in the 2020 election year is the subject of rights, namely reproductive ones and others that directly affect women.

That’s what Sara and Misasha will be diving into on this episode, along with a brief coda to their recent 3-part series on the Criminal Justice System, and that is what the President has the power to change with regard to criminal justice versus what he or she needs Congress to help with.

You’ll definitely want to listen in to this food-for-thought as you reflect on the upcoming election.

Finally, this coming weekend, Sara and Misasha will be in Denver recording a live episode at the 2020 Womxn’s March! Join them, if you can!

Show Highlights:

  • Misasha presents a brief primer on what the President “can” do, and includes topics such as solitary confinement, police use-of-force, reinstating voting rights to felons, and immigration law.
  • What’s the problem with private prisons, anyway?
  • Sara discusses the current cash bail system, the No Money Bail Act of 2018, and the long-standing correlation between skin color and incarceration.
  • Whoever becomes President in this upcoming election has a direct impact on a woman’s right to control her own body.
  • The United States Supreme Court has been asked to consider overturning Roe v. Wade, the landmark 1973 ruling that found that criminalizing abortion violates Constitutionally-protected privacy rights.
  • Recently, over 200 members of Congress filed an amicus brief in support of Louisiana’s so-called “Unsafe Abortion Protection Act”, which will be going before the Supreme Court in March. 
  • If the Court rules in support of the Louisiana law restricting abortion access, it could effectively overturn abortion protection nationwide.
  • Misasha outlines the impact it could have on those in Louisiana and surrounding states who might need an abortion.
  • Misasha notes an amicus brief from major medical and legal groups in support of abortions.
  • In order to understand the impact and the arc of reproductive rights in this country, as well as the difference in rights when it comes to white women versus women of color, Sara provides some key milestones and highlights from 1916 and moving forward.
  • Misasha quotes from the book The Doctors’ Case Against The Pill by Barbara Seaman and the issue of safety.
  • The TRAP law and why it matters.
  • In the next two episodes, Sara and Misasha will explore certain ways in which white women and women of color are not similarly situated when it comes to reproductive rights and control over their own bodies. The next episode will look at the history of this divide and the impact of sterilization and abortion on both groups. We hope you join us!

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Saturday, January 18

Denver, CO

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