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Dear White Women

Jan 29, 2020

Women are often dismissed or silenced when coming forward in the public eye with their pain, particularly women of color. We’ve adopted this matriarchal mindset that women’s trauma, experiences, and emotions are invalid, but we need to come together as women to break that perception, now more than ever. 

Sara and Misasha dissect how the justice system has wrongfully unacknowledged women of color, along with special guest, domestic violence, sexual assault, and sexual abuse survivor, Mary Ryan.  Mary reveals her personal experiences as a trauma survivor, and how the justice system has consistently dismissed her case. 

Tune into this conversation for unique insight on how we can shift the division between women to not only embrace one another’s pain, no matter how personal it may be, and how we can start to break down the barriers that isolated women from the beginning. 

This recorded-live episode from the 2020’s Womxn’s March Denver is full of insightful and enlightening thoughts that you can reflect on and apply to your own life!

Show Highlights: 

  • We need to align as women before anything else in order to create a safer society for women and children. 
  • Sara and Misasha address the issues with idealizing whiteness and dismissing women of color as victims
  • What inhibits women of color from coming forward as victims of rape and why white women should care 
  • There are various factors that mediate sexism and race should be acknowledged when talking about gender equality 
  • Women’s rights are under attack and women need to create an alliance by listening to each-others pain openly 
  • Mary Ryan shares her experiences as a domestic violence, sexual assault, and sexual abuse survivor
  • Mary discusses how the justice system has blatantly ignored her and her families’ trauma
  • Mary endured multiple break-in encounters and restraining order violations from her abuser, who is a white male and has still been unacknowledged in her case 
  • Indigenous people have been consistently dismissed in assault cases and there are barriers we need to break down and dissect in order to improve how we address these issues
  • In order for healing to happen as a society, we have to open ourselves up to listen to others experiences, no matter how painful it may be 
  • Challenging public binaries and embracing women’s defiance 


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