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Money Talk With Tiff

Feb 27, 2020

Do you like to write, take pictures, or shoot video?  Join Tiffany as she sits down with Candace Howze, a local creative that does all three!  She shares how she started her freelancing jobs and her tips to keep them sustainable.  

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Candace Howze is a North Carolina-based writer and multimedia artist with...

Feb 20, 2020

Building a successful business is not easy!  Join Tiffany as she sits down with Jazz Elyse of Luxe Fragrance Bar.  They talk about stresses, struggles, and overcoming obstacles while starting and growing their respective businesses.  Jazz knows her stuff, so listen up!  Have a pen and paper handy. 

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Feb 13, 2020

Join Tiffany as she sits down with Joe Driscoll of Average Joe's Financial Independence.  Joe is active duty military but on a mission to be debt-free.  They talk about moving around from assignment to assignment and the side hustles that propelled them both to paying off debt faster.

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Joe Driscoll has...

Feb 6, 2020

Tiffany has a lot of travel this year so she wanted to share how she gets it done on a budget.  She goes over her favorite websites and tools to travel cheaply while continuing to tackle debt.

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