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Sams Disney Diary

Sep 9, 2018

What’s that making its way down Hollywood Blvd to Carthay Circle in Disney’s California Adventure? That’s nothing but an old jalopy, or is it?  That old jalopy makes its way down Hollywood Blvd multiple times a day.  The five jazz performers and one powerful vocalist riding along are none other than the Five and Dime.

The Five and Dime fit the 1920s theme of Buena Vista Street perfectly and set the stage for your day at Disney’s California Adventure.  The 15-minute show has been performed daily since the re-dedication of DCA in 2012. 

The group sold everything they had back in Chicago, purchased the jalopy, and drove all the way to Hollywood to make it big in the movie business.  Dime, the singer, is quick to drop her microphone and start the jazz with 1920s and 30s classics like “I Got Rhythm” and “Ain’t We Got Fun”.  All that fun proves too much for Goofy to resist joining in on the action. 

As the story goes, the Five fellas from Chicago and the female vocalist named Dime hit it big when they met a fellow midwestern dreamer named Walt Disney!

Check your times guide; between The Five and Dime and The Red Car Trolley News Boys, there is always something hopping in Carthay Circle.