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Sams Disney Diary

Aug 24, 2015

When I visited Disney California Adventure back in 2011, I was blown away by the night time spectacular World of Color (Check out Episode #8 for details). It’s the natural evolution of Disney’s night time entertainment, combining just about every trick in Disney’s book. As I noted back in Episode #8, the technology allows elements of the show to be updated and changed. Things like Pirates of the Caribbean, Tron and holiday elements can be added as needed. 

What I didn’t consider was the possibility of the entire show being replaced for a yearlong celebration – That’s exactly what World of Color – Celebrate is. Celebrate is a tribute to Walt Disney and the 60th Anniversary of Disneyland, a completely new show from beginning to end.

A cohesive story and history lesson chronicling the creation of Mickey Mouse, movie development from Snow White to Frozen and of course, Disneyland – complete with tributes to classic attractions. Add a guest host – Neil Patrick Harris and Mickey Mouse and you have a 60th Anniversary celebration that Walt couldn’t have imagined… incredible and the subject of SamsDisneyDiary #60, Here’s hoping Animal Kingdoms River of Light incorporates some of this incredible technology!

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