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The Money Exchange

Feb 1, 2020

In this episode you will get great tips for you as an individual and for small business owners. Amber Whitehead has over 20yrs of individual tax preparation experience. She has worked for various CPA firms and commercial tax firms throughout the State of CT. She is self-taught when it comes to the preparation of individual taxes. Her love of numbers and taxes lead her to get her Bachelors of Science in Accounting from Central CT State University then went on to pursue her MBA at Devry University graduating with honors in 2011. The decision to start her own tax firm came about after she was unemployed for a couple of years. She realized that she needed to be the one to control her own destiny. She took her passion for taxes and helping people and started Whitehead Tax and Financial Services, LLC, in April 2015. Amber has a unique way of explaining tax concepts to her clients to make it easier for them to understand. Her motto is “I just don’t want to do your taxes, I want you to understand your tax situation. It is because of this mindset that she is highly recommended by her clients. It is her goal to continue to grow and add additional services to her tax firm. She is known as "The Tax Lady" and IRS Enrolled Agent. IG: amberthetaxlady The host can be found: Facebook group - It'$ My Money Squad IG and Twitter - itsmymoney_ Facebook: itsmymoneyjournal