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The Money Exchange

May 8, 2020

Holly tells us why it is important to Teach Your Child To Fish. She gives 5 money habits every child should know. These tips empowers parents to teach the tips to their children. Holly R. Toodle is an award-winning author, speaker, and Certified Financial Education Instructor dedicated to helping adults and the next generation manage their finances as responsible stewards. She is the founder of The Master Playbook, LLC a financial education and wellness company which has educated thousands of people through her book, Teach Your Child to Fish: Five Money Habits Every Child Should Master, speaking engagements, online courses and coaching sessions using sound financial principles, practical tips and her personal experiences. As a personal finance advocate, Holly is on a mission to motivate, inspire, and help others break the cycle of paycheck to paycheck living and create a legacy worth leaving. Holly’s philosophy is grounded in the basic principles of living debt-free, saving for the future, and investing wisely. She believes each person has the power to create a healthy financial future and is equipped to meet people where they are on their financial journey. Holly is a Certified Public Accountant and finance professional with over 15 years of experience. She enjoys peach cobbler, Motown Classics, and traveling with her husband, Gene. Her website: You can find the host: FB Group: