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The Money Exchange

Sep 20, 2022

Investing in real estate can be both satisfying and lucrative for both property owners and non property owners. 


The concept of how you can maximize your money in real estate is a broad one however Terré Holmes is an expert in this and she graced us in this episode to expound on it. 


She is known as the Money Maximizer. Formerly a classroom teacher and college professor, Terré  is  now a transformational speaker, best-selling author, trainer, certified leadership coach, Realtor™️ and Real Estate Investment Specialist, who loves providing knowledge and resources with other women looking to break into real estate and live empowered and liberated lives.


Terré and her real estate investing colleagues teach women around the country how to maximize their money and live a liberated life, so they have OPTIONS and not OPPOSITION when creating their financial future.


In this episode she shares

  • Why you should invest in real estate
  • How you can make money in real estate without being a property owner
  • Why women should not shy away from creating their own money ventures


Are you looking for unique ways to make money in real estate? This is the episode for you, press play. 


Press play. 


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