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The IMPACT Sales Podcast

Apr 1, 2022

Have you ever wondered what separates top sales producers from the rest? Join Joe Beck, Founder of the Sales Activist, as he, along with special guests, uncover secrets, share success stories, and unpack strategies that have enabled them to impact the world. If you are apart of the sales industry and desire to advance your craft and impact the environment around you, stay tuned for our Bi-Weekly Podcast! 

Joe is the Founder of The Sales Activist and Host of the IMPACT Sales Podcast. His sales and leadership career spans three decades across multiple industries. He’s a thought leader, top sales producer, leader, coach and trusted advisor to Fortune 100 companies, Inc. 500 companies and entrepreneurs and sales professionals of all types. He is the creator of the “IMPACT Sales Mastery System,” designed to help create breakout success for entrepreneurs and sales professionals, even if they have limited to no sales experience.