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The Conscious Capitalists

Mar 22, 2024

Here the story of Freeman, a family-owned global provider of live event services, through the journey of a third-generation leader in the company. With a legacy of 97 years, Freeman integrates Conscious Capitalism into its business model achieving record results.

Carrie Freeman Parsons, the chair of Freemans,...

Feb 22, 2024

A good business model is the Ferrari engine—people are the fuel that makes it work!

14% CAGR for almost 25 years by caring, looking for goodness and saying thank you. 

Hear practical examples of how Barry Wehmiller does it—and at the centre of it, leaders measuring success by the lives they have touched. This...

Jan 17, 2024

This interview cuts straight to the heart of self-compassion, revealing it as not just a personal virtue but a critical life skill as we have a profound dialogue with Kristin Neff, a pioneering figure in compassion research. Kristin shatters the notion that self-compassion is a luxury, framing it instead as a necessity...