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The 92 Report

Jun 26, 2023

Show Notes:

Virginia Ravenscroft has had a long and winding road since graduating from Harvard in 1992. Her journey has taken her through a diverse range of experiences, including graphic design, teaching, project management, and tech. However, despite her success in these fields, she felt that something was missing....

Jun 19, 2023

Brent Chinn, an East Asian Studies and Economics major at Harvard talks about his journey since graduation in 1992. Since he was 12, Brent had a desire to work in the Pacific Rim. After school, he worked in San Francisco but was offered a position in Indonesia by the wife of a fifth-year senior when he was a freshman....

Jun 12, 2023

Show Notes:

Shannon Winakur and Will Bachman discuss Shannon's journey since graduating from Harvard. Shannon came to Harvard with the intention of going into politics and running for office in her hometown of Richmond, Virginia.

Pursuing a Career in Medicine

Shannon talks about her experience in politics when working...

Jun 5, 2023

Show Notes:

Elaine Lum MacDonald and Will Bachman have a conversation about Elaine's journey since graduating from Harvard in 1992. Elaine started off her career in management consulting at the Monitor Company in Cambridge. After gaining experience in the field, after that she moved to Asia. She was based in Hong Kong,...