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The 92 Report

Sep 25, 2023

Show Notes:

Lindsay Sturman, an English major from the Harvard and Radcliffe class of 1992, discusses her advocacy work in Los Angeles. She moved to Los Angeles after college and returned to New York for film school at Columbia and became a TV writer and has been doing that for around 20 years. She has always been...

Sep 18, 2023

Show Notes:

Neil Hendin, a graduate of Harvard, has a diverse career history, including being an undergrad, grad student, teaching assistant, teaching fellow, and staff member. Neil has worked in various engineering departments, including physics, electronics, and computer systems. He has also been involved in campus...

Sep 11, 2023

Show Notes:

David Block, a graduate of Harvard, had always been interested in cities since he was a child. He decided to explore his interest in cities and their physical aspects, rather than people or economics. But since Harvard does not offer undergraduate architecture major,  so he took a year off from Harvard to...

Sep 4, 2023

Show Notes:

Carolyn Gibson, a graduate of Harvard and Radcliffe, has had a diverse and different path since graduating from the university. She initially wanted to be an ambassador, but realized that she wouldn't be a great ambassador to the United States due to her Dutch passport and not agreeing with the U.S. foreign...