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The Artful Leader

Oct 28, 2022

Artists: we want you to feel supported, heard, and loved! In this episode, Rachelle chats with Blanca Lucia Bergman,  the founder and CEO of Art Unites,  about the importance of providing mental health resources to artists. In response to political division and spikes in mental health issues during the pandemic, Blanca created Mental Wellness for Artists, a group that culminates resources in San Diego to help individual artists and organizations meet basic needs, cultivate community, and take a holistic approach to their mental health. Both individual and interpersonal approaches to self-care are so important, especially as we go into the holiday season, and Rachelle and Blanca are here to have an honest conversation about struggles and the steps we can take to address them.

Content Warning: at timestamp 13:08 there is a mention of suicidal ideation

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