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The Artful Leader

Jan 13, 2023

What does creativity mean to you? Kuumba, the 6th Kwanzaa principle that has guided this week's guest throughout his life, encourages us to do as much as we can, at the highest quality in attempts to leave our community/world better and more beautiful than how we first encountered it.  In this episode, Gaidi Finnie, the Director of the San Diego African American Museum of Fine Art (SDAAMFA), tells the stories of how he's used his creativity for good since he joined the Civil Rights Movement as a teen.  Get inspired by the SDAAMFA's incredible projects honoring African American culture, as well as those killed by racism and police violence.  Listen for how this museum without walls is crossing boundaries through innovative digital approaches. Learn from Gaidi and Rachelle about facing the challenges of running a non-profit head on, the power of dreaming big, and doing what you can to leave your community more beautiful than you inherited it.


Learn more about the San Diego African American Museum of Fine Art here

Forever Balboa Park

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