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Opening Closed Doors

Everybody has a story. Your story matters

Opening Closed Doors is a podcast about life journeys. Inspiring conversations with people who have chosen to open a closed door and shut another behind them. Stories of rejection to appreciation, loss to discovery, pain to purpose.

Everyone has a story and everybody's story matters.

Everyone has a story that will resonate, inspire and educate.

Certified holistic life coach, Sophia Nicholls, is the host of the show. She  is an international speaker with over 20 years in leadership and advocacy. As the host, Sophia Nicholls will guide you through these inspiring stories.

If you would like to work with Sophia towards achieving your purpose and life goals, book a free 20 min 121 discovery call. Follow this link 

Apr 23, 2023

Karen is on a mission to work with 10 million women to support them to overcome self-doubt. In this episode of the Opening Closed Doors podcast, she shares her journey from self-doubt to self-confidence and self-trust. She opens up about her childhood insecurities based on her relationship with her family and how...

Apr 9, 2023

Dr. Mark Goulston, best-selling author, writer, educator and podcaster shares his journey from depression to successful suicide prevention psychologist. As one of the world’s top thought leaders on empathic listening Dr Goulston injects his wisdom into the interview bringing life to his best selling book ‘Just...