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Grit & Glory, Songs & Stories

Aug 29, 2023

Author, David Steen, and Mark share stories of living in “God’s smile” despite a painful divorce and how a beautiful song of blessing came from a burst of anger. This is just what our God does.

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Aug 22, 2023

Join Larry Tribble and Mark for uplifting stories of good churches, good pastors and a beautiful adoption experience. Larry also shares his passion to help people “do busy right” so they can stay close to God and experience peace. 

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Aug 15, 2023

Controlling one’s tongue, overcoming fear and how music helps are topics of my conversation with Larry Tribble. Join us for strong encouragement and takeaways in this episode.

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Aug 8, 2023

Steve Christmas joins Mark to take you on a journey through his wife's miraculous healing through the power of faith in God’s Word as well as their intriguing venture into the world of balloon-making.

Visit the Episode Webpage  to contact Steve and hear the featured song, I’ll Start With You.


You might be...

Aug 1, 2023

Have you considered the "talking to problems about God" approach or how music sets the pace for us individually as well as for our country? Join Steve Christmas (yes that’s really his name) and Mark for a raw and very interesting conversation about faith, music and influences.

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