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Therapy Wise

Jan 12, 2023

Dr. Ward breaks down the situations in her life that went well and didn’t go as planned in 2022 and describes her goals for 2023.

In this episode, you’ll hear about: 

The wins: 

  • Her experiences in mentorship in 2022
  • The changes in her team
  • The launch of this podcast
  • Her “Jennie Method/Mastery Paradigm” treatment offering
  • The emotional experience of transitioning almost all of her clients in 2022
  • Her intense need for rest and how she honoured it

The areas that didn’t go as well:

  • Dropping the ball and not knowing how to slow down effectively
  • Her intense need for alone time and her guilt about that
  • Her lack of exercise compared to usual

Goals for 2023:

  • Deepening in her mentorship
  • Going deeper and refining  the Mastery Paradigm
  • Maybe teaching the Mastery Paradigm (maybe not!)
  • Nesting at home
  • Exercising more and a home gym!
  • Focusing more on friendships and other relationships

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