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Jan 24, 2023

Today’s guest sees “oceans of opportunity” everywhere!

J Massey was all but “retired” at the age of 38, when one of his students asked what he knew about short-term rentals.  While the answer at the time was, “not very much”, he started looking into the model and was astounded at the opportunities. Today J runs a 34 unit short-term rental business,  and runs a training company  known as Cashflow Diary, helping others to get established and grow in the industry.

In this, Part 1 of 2 episodes with J, you’ll hear;

  • What’s now driving the short term rental market,
  • The multiple income sources you can set up to create earnings over and above the nightly rent,
  • How you can establish a short term rental side hustle without even owning a property,
  • And other income opportunities outside of the real estate space, but in the shared economy

J also shares his “super secret” of how he bought and sold over 200 properties each in 72 hours or less, earning him between $2000 and $26,000 “ per property.

You’re sure to have lightbulb moments, as you listen to my conversation with today’s side hustle hero, J Massey.


What You’ll Hear:

03:35 Needing to eat was a strong motivation

05:06 How we talk ourselves out of moving forward

06:50 How J bought and sold properties within 72 hours…200 times

10:28 J feels is the perfect time to get into real estate

11:10 Oceans of opportunity exist today

13:35 The way real estate is being used is changing

16:40 Set yourself up so that your income is no longer tied to your labour nor a clock

17:40 Earn money from idle assets that you already own

20:00 Keep “screening, safety, and security” in the forefront when renting out your assets

21:30 View your short-term rental (STR) properties as a “distribution” service to maximize revenue

26:00 Get into the STR business without owning the properties

28:09 Dealing with pushback from landlords when trying to lease properties

30:47 How to look at the new rules, regulations, ordinances concerning STR’s


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