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Mar 28, 2023

What started out for Luke Herbert as a fun project to create a unique portrait of his dog, quickly evolved to a side hustle as people saw what he had created. 

Handling 12,000 sales over the past 3 years has been a tremendous amount of work as Luke continues to juggle the demands of growing his business, Unique Pet Portraits, with his full-time work at a print shop.

So if it’s the early days of your side hustle and you’re putting in a lot of hours…you’re not alone.

In today’s episode you’ll hear how Luke now has a full-time employee handling the orders, challenges he’s had along the way, how he’s grown Unique Pet Prints from startup, to an annual profit of 80,000 pounds, and how he’s now expanding.

What You’ll Hear:


03:10 The unintentional start of a business

03:41 A sale the first night (and why)

06:30 Bringing on a full-time employee

07:51 Juggling a full-time job with growing the business

10:06 Over 12,000 sales in 3 years, worldwide

13:00 Why and when Luke introduced a website in addition to the Etsy shop

14:55 Expanding the product line, then scaling back

17:17 Biggest challenge of juggling full time work with the side hustle

18:15 Having a business plan can show you how/when you can bring in help

19:30 Set an intention of where you want the business to be

20:02 Launching Contaps

22:10 Luke’s best tip for taking action

22:54 Don’t play the “what if” game

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