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Nov 28, 2023

Today we explore the world of being a tour organizer!


Our guide is traveler and photographer, Ralph Velasco, who has organized and led over 120 international tours to an array of destinations around the world. 


His 15 years of experience shines through in the  5-star ratings his clients have given his tours and the tips and ideas he shares with us today.


Prior to this conversation with Ralph, I thought the job of a tour organizer involved booking all the hotels, restaurants, and excursions at the destinations but it absolutely does not need to be that complicated!


So whether you're an avid traveler dreaming of turning your adventures into income, someone seeking inspiration for a side hustle that fuels your wanderlust, or just curious about how the business works,   I think you’ll find this episode a valuable window into the world of being a tour organizer.


What You’ll Hear:


03:46 Analyzing pros and cons to make a decision

04:35 Differentiating to gain clients

07:45 Can you teach someone to have a “photographic eye?” Absolutely!

09:34 Financial crisis pushes Ralph to leave his “job”

11:36 Difference between tour operator and tour organizer

13:43 How tour organizers make money

15:28 It’s the tour operators at the destination that line up all the vendors

19:49 Flights not included (except typically internal flights and ground transportation)

20:38 Biggest challenge is connecting with those awesome, reputable, tour operators

20:48 Ralph’s “pain in Spain” experience

22:25 What to take into account when doing the number crunching

24:39 Be clear with the tour operator of what is included and what is not

26:50 The importance of getting testimonials from your clients

27:48 Typical amount a tour organizer might tack on as their markup

29:17 Travel tip: have a paper copy and electronic copy of your passport, visas, and other important docs!

30:12 Marketing tips to build your travel business

31:33 Check out speaking opportunities at travel and adventure shows

34:17 Best insider tip for getting the best prices for travel

35:15 Added benefit of traveling in a shoulder season

36:10 Ralph’s favourite destinations

38:40 Best tip for starting or growing your side hustle


40:01 Keep in mind the work involved

40:38 What’s really holding you back?

40:52 “Let’s go invent tomorrow, instead of worrying about what happened yesterday.”


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